Thursday 13th 5 - 3am

Friday 14th - Closed

Saturday 15th - 5pm - 3am

Sunday 16th - 5pm - 3am

Monday 17th 5pm - 3am


The venue is open 7 days a week - 5pm to 3am

Last orders in the kitchen at 2.30am

Bookings are for the restaurant area only and can be made for the following times:

Monday - Sunday

5pm - 11.30pm

Big Poppa's is an over 18's Restaurant.

Please be advised that we require all tables back after 2 hours.

If you are running late please call ahead of time, so we may be able to hold your table for you.

For groups of 10 or bigger, please contact us directly @ CHEESE@BIGPOPPA.COM.AU or 0499 052 201

96 Oxford Street, Darlinghurst, NSW, 2010, AUS



Cured meats   // 26 air dried wagyu bresaola, pancetta arrotolata, wild boar salami, pickled vegetables

Crudo (gf)  // 19 ocean trout, pickled fennel, italian bitters dressing  

Beetroot carpaccio (v, gf)  // 12 stracciatella, marjoram, hazelnuts

Burrata (v)  // 21 heirloom tomatoes, fig vino cotto, toasted farro, smoked salt

Black fig salad (v, gf)  // 15 witlof, gorgonzola, mint, almonds

Scallops (gf)  // 19 cauliflower puree, pancetta, daikon, pomegranate

Veal rack// 38 kipfler potato, roast truss tomato, pearl onions, balsamic jus

Hand-cut pappardelle// 26 lamb shoulder ragu, parmigiano-reggiano

Ricotta gnocchi (v)  // 26 king brown mushrooms, brown butter, tarragon, amaretti, pecorino

Butternut pumpkin (v, gf) // 21 pinenuts, currents, sage, chevre, sorrel

Italian sausage(gf)  // 30 broccolini, chickpeas, chilli, oregano, monte veronese

Bistecca alla fiorentina// 76 1kg t-bone, confit garlic butter, cavolo nero (please allow 30 minutes)



                                   Buttermilk pudding// 15 marsala poached pear, walnut biscotti

Chocolate mascarpone mousse // 15 - figs, chocolate cookie crumb

"Olive oil virgin, first press, it's never blended kid; I'm straight raw like Carpaccio"-Action Bronson, 2011



Monte veronese maiga dop (cow)  // 8 verona, italy

Appenzeller alpage (cow)  // 12 Switzerland

Maffra aged cloth cheddar (cow)  // 10 gippsland, australia

Infossato (sheep)  // 12 campania, italy

Toma quattro latte (cow, goat, sheep, donkey)  // 10 lombardy, italy

Berner hobelkase aoc (cow)  // 10 bern, switzerland

L’etivaz aoc (cow)  // 10 l’etivaz, switzerland

Occelli Testun al Barolo (Sheep/goat)  // 12 piedmont, italy

Cuise malt d’orzo & whiskey (cow/goat)  // 14 piedmont, italy

Croagh patrick cheddar (cow)  // 12 county waterford, ireland

Wyfe of bath (cow)  // 10 bath, england

Old winchester (cow)  // 12 salisbury, england


Petit heletar (sheep)  // 8 midi-pyrenees, france

Brillat-Savarin (cow)  // 10 normandy, france

Penny Bu (buffalo)  // 12 bergamo, italy

Fromage de meaux (cow)  // 10 seine-et-meaux, france

Robiola (goat)  // 10 piedmont, italy 

Slack-ma-girdle (cow)  // 14 gloucestershire, england

Fleur de maquis (sheep)  // 10 corsica, france

Tomme chevre cendre (goat)  // 12 pays de la loire, france


Bath blue (cow)  // 12 bath, england

Colston basset shrophire blue (cow)  // 8 nottinghamshire, england

Devon blue (cow)  // 10 devon, england

Riverine Blue (buffalo)  // 10 gippsland, australia

Crozier Blue(sheep)  // 10 county tipperary, ireland

Strathdon blue (cow)  // 10 tain, scotland

“Mother, sister, cousin, stack that cheese.” – Lupe Fiasco, 2007